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Neurofeedback Training

As an adjunct to individual therapy, or as a stand-alone therapeutic service, I also provide Neurofeedback training for clients experiencing a variety of symptoms and challenges. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive procedure and considered to be a type of biofeedback which helps individuals who wish to enhance their brain regulation for improved performance. I currently train utilizing the Cygnet software through EEGInfo.


Neurofeedback is often a great first treatment option for many individuals who do not require more invasive treatment. However, it can also be especially helpful for individuals who suffer from chronic conditions and symptoms that have not been responsive to other treatment interventions. In particular, Neurofeedback has been utilized to treat a variety of conditions including hyperactivity, inattention, behavior problems, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, brain injury, seizures and other medical and emotional difficulties. Research has shown that this type of brain training is also beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance overall performance and skill sets (i.e., company executives, athletes), as well as work through and process past traumatic experiences.

So how does Neurofeedback work? After a thorough intake where we discuss your symptoms, I will create an individualized treatment plan which will address your unique needs and experiences. Small electrodes are then placed on your head to measure your brainwaves in real time. While watching a movie or calming scene (or even while playing a videogame), your brainwave activity is "shaped "in order to learn self-regulation abilities. 

Have more questions? Here's a list of common Neurofeedback FAQ's...

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