• Jeana-Marie Allan, Psy.D.

Riding the Wave of Change

I always make it a point to discuss with new therapy clients the concept of therapy being a journey. There are inevitable ebbs and flows as one processes, grieves, clarifies, and explores. To allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up your mind and heart while lowering your ego is an incredibly hard, brave, and loving thing to do. And sometimes the process is so hard that you wonder if you will actually be able to continue...if you will actually be able to "come out the other end" full of knowledge, understanding, and peace...

And what I gently remind my clients in those moments of doubt is that they are on a growing journey and that change is not easy...but that they need to trust the process and themselves. And in time, they do get there. And the clarity that comes with healing is an amazing thing to witness as a therapist. I truly love watching my clients feel sturdier and whole while finding and exercising their unique, individual voices. Those true genuine voices ultimately help them to redefine their limits, boundaries, and sometimes their environments to help create healthier spaces and relationships that support and encourage rather than maintain old habits or patterns.

Change is not easy.

But change is an incredibly loving gift you can give to yourself.

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