• Jeana-Marie Allan, Psy.D.

Black Lives Matter

I am white.

I am a female.

I am a Psychologist.

I have privilege.

I don't know what it is like to be a person of color...

To experience microaggressions on a daily basis due to the color of my skin...

To fear for my life during traffic stops/walking outside/being in my own home...

To presume I know what it is like diminishes the real atrocities and inequalities that POC, especially our black communities, experience on a constant basis.

I stand with you.

As a white, female Psychologist, I stand with you.

I will continue to use my voice, and educate (myself and others) to help create change.

I will continue to openly discuss race and culture and inequalities with my clients.

I will continue to be an active agent of change.

I will continue to stand with you.

#BlackLivesMatter #societalchange

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